The Top 4 Reasons Why Campers Stay In (And the Solutions)

The Top 4 Reasons Why Campers  Stay In (And the Solutions)

Whether or not you’re an outdoors aficionado, there are always times when its easier to come up with an excuse than to go camping. When asked “why not”, there are typically a few reasons that are stated more often than others. Fortunately, we at triLED™ Technology have not only compiled the most common excuses people use to not go camping, but have included their solutions as well. Our goal is to get campers back out into the wild! Enjoy.


  1. Mosquitoes


Heres the truth, no one likes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes probably don’t even like mosquites. They are itchy, annoying, and oftentimes carry harmful bacteria or diseases. At the same time, many campers would prefer to avoid putting harmful chemicals on their skin from repellents. Likewise, carrying a zapper and power source deep into the wild can be burdensome to transport. Whats a camper to do?

Fortunately, triLED™ Technology has a portable, solar powered solution to prevent even the most resilient mosquitoes from putting a damper on your camping excursion. With products like the Portable Mosquito Repellent Ball, you can keep mosquitoes far away from your camp-sight. Mosquitoes simply hate the light that is emitted from the waterproof ball, meaning a spray-free camping experience for you and your loved ones.


Haven’t heard of a repellent ball yet? It’s because we have the world’s first!


  1. Expenses


Although “roughing it” is generally the first thing to come to mind when people think about camping, going out into the wild can be expensive. After factoring in gasoline, food, gear, additional layers, and nice-to-haves, the camping bill can add up.


As a solution, we recommend bringing only the essentials. Do you really need to buy a waterproof bookcase for the trip? What about that miniature cast iron frying pan you were going to buy for cooking by the fire? When you separate needs from wants, camping suddenly becomes much more affordable.


Of note, our triLED™ Technology light repellents are designed with affordability in mind for even the most frugal campers. 


  1. Big Game Wildlife


Although effective against mosquitos, our light repellents aren’t tested for grizzly bears or wild moose. Oftentimes, campers are afraid to go camping because of lions, tigers, and bears…oh my!


Although there are countless measures to avoid unwanted encounters, we highly recommend researching the area you will be camping in. Are wildlife sightings common? Is it mating season? Do you have protection in the event of an encounter? By doing your due diligence on the front end, you can proceed into the wild with a renewed sense of confidence.


  1. Toilets (Or Lack Thereof)


If you aren’t comfortable will fully embracing the multi-functional capacities of nature, camping might not be right for you. Although we recommend bringing plenty of toilet paper, a shovel, and hand sanitizer, the great outdoors simply doesn’t have operational bathrooms. Although there aren’t many comparable solutions to a toilet, the pros certainly outweighs the cons for camping if this is your only excuse. 


Closing Remarks


Overall, camping can be an incredibly enjoyable experience! Once you move past the most common excuses, your wildlife adventures are just a road trip away!


We at triLED™ Technology are proud to provide innovative solutions to get you back into the great outdoors. With numerous products in the triLED™ Repellent Family, our specialized mosquito repelling lights are an easy way to camp in comfort.


For more information, please be sure to visit our website or reach out to us via our contact page. We would love to hear from you. Best of luck, and happy camping!