Lights On. Mosquitoes Off.

The solution to chemical free mosquito repellent is here, just see the light.

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3 lights. 1 price.

triLED™ Technology lighting solutions are engineered to optimize the way you work and rest. Use our 3-in-1 technology indoors and outdoors. Our secret weapon: the triLED™ Mosquito Mode.

Mosquito Safe Technology
No More Chemicals on your Skin.

Our patented 1850k ambiance is engineered to deter mosquitoes within a 150 sq. ft. zone. With triLED Technology products, you and your family can stop putting unpleasant chemicals on your skin or smelling unpleasant scents.

Lifetime Warranty

We stand behind our products. All triLED™ products come with a lifetime warranty.

triLED™ Portable Mosquito Repellent Globe - 3 Pack
triLED™ Portable Mosquito Repellent Globe - 3 Pack
Regular price $62.39 CAD Free Shipping + Returns

How to use your triLED™ Globe

Simple and effective solution is here. Without the sprays and the smells.

As seen on NBC

Skip to 3:50 to see NBC's segment on triLED Technology

Save Energy. Save Money.

triLED™ Technology fixed lights provide you with lighting quality that will last decades.1

triLED™ Mosquito Repellent Light Bulb - 4 Pack
Regular price $39.99 CAD Free Shipping + Returns

Buy More. Save More.

Get more bang for your buck when you buy multiple triLED products.

What the triLED Customers are saying

Genius creation!! Definitely worth every penny!!


I use the triLED™ Globe in while I work at home during the day. When the sun comes down and it's time to relax outside, I bring it with me, change the setting and stop worrying about mosquitoes feasting on my skin.

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